Sub-account Functions:

To further modulize the portfolio management system, Aboard proposes the sub-account functions. The sub-account function allows traders to isolate capitals for different needs and construct well-organized portfolios. Active sub-accounts are for direct trade with Aboard exchange, and Passive sub-accounts are for fund investments.
Institution and individual investors will own master accounts upon connection to the exchange. Traders can further set up sub-accounts for different purposes. Participants can set up as many sub-accounts as needed. For example, an individual trader can have an active account for perpetual trading and a passive account for crypto ETFs. And a FOF manager can set up three different passive accounts for different strategies: one for enhanced index fund (EIF), one for quantitative trading funds, and one for hedging strategies. With Sub-account functions, fund structures are clear and transparent to all investors so that the system can avoid multi-layering issues such as "FOF of FOF."