For Fund Managers

Create a New Fund

You can customize a series of parameters or use our default settings when setting up a new fund. Some of the parameters can not be changed once the fund goes live.



You can choose to issue funds on Arbitrum or Avalanche.

Fund Name

The name of your fund

Lock-up Period

Investors cannot redeem the fund during the lock-up period.

Stop-loss Line

The fund will be automatically liquidated once the NAV touches the stop-loss line. Managers will receive a warning message when the NAV is 5% away from the stop-loss line.

Investment Horizon

The lifecycle of a fund. Managers can always extend the horizon before the expiry date.


The number of days in advance to make an appointment for redemption.

Performance Fee

Managers charge part of the yield as performance rewards.

Management Fee

An annual fee will be charged, regardless of the fund's performance. Limited to 3% per year maximum.


The mail is for receiving the risk control and redemption messages.

Fund Strategy Introduction

Fund strategy is an essential description. Please elaborate so that investors can understand thoroughly.

Double-check everything, and you can always update the setting at this stage. Once you are ready, read and check the “important info” box and click “confirm".

Access the Fund Management System

As a manager, you have three sub-accounts: the fund account, the perpetual account, and the manager account:

  • The fund account is where you can purchase funds;

  • The perpetual account is for your personal perpetual trading;

  • The manager account allows you access fees collected from managing strategy.

You may access the sub-accounts at the top right corner, and transfer USDC between the three sub-accounts.

You can access the management page from either the top-right corner of the asset management page:

You can see all the funds you are currently managing on the management page. Each address is limited to 5 funds. You can trade for it, modify the terms, and close/delete the fund.

Trade for your Funds

With new investments, you can start trading for the Demo Fund. Remember that the fund can only be traded on the dedicated fund trading page, which can only be accessed on the management page and has a different color theme from the personal perpetual trading page.

Notice the available balance is still zero. This is because you still need to transfer funds on the management tab.

As some of you may have wondered, why such a process? Managers can achieve better risk management with the sub-account features. Separating the live trading assets from the funds significantly reduces the risk of touching the stop-loss line.

By clicking transfer, a pop-up window will show up. You can transfer the amount needed for trading activities.

Once successfully transferred, the fund account balance and available for trading balance will update accordingly.

You can now open and close positions for your investors!

Manage Your Profile

At the bottom left, you can access your manager profile, upload your profile photo, change the name, and connect with your Twitter and Medium.

Update Fund Terms and Description

You can extend your investment horizon, update the contact e-mail and descriptions via the fund management page.

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