Aboard Asset Management

1. How funds work in Aboard

Aboard will launch an asset management system that uses smart contracts to connect crypto investors with DeFi fund managers directly. The protocol provides a platform for fund managers to create trading strategies and for investors to pick strategies in a transparent and immutable way. The connections are established via smart contracts, which record investment agreements and terms.

Investors and fund managers can establish ties by e-signing an investment management agreement without third parties or paying a custody fee. Rather than dealing with multiple parties, the management team can now dedicate more time to developing and monitoring investment strategies. On the other hand, since all terms are transparent and immutable, fund investors no longer need to worry about delusive legal terms or managers constantly updating the words to their favor. Such a system will significantly improve efficiencies in the asset management business.

2. Risk Management

With pre-determined risk management terms such as stop loss lines in the agreement, Aboard protects investors and prevents managers from illicit trading activities. Terms will be automatically executed once the conditions are met, i.e., positions will be forced closed once the SL lines are touched. Additionally, Funds will be categorized as low to high risk based on their risk management terms.

3. Type of Strategies You Can Create

LP/Market Making on Aboard Exchange

The fund management system allows market-makers to create a variety of LP strategies. Users may become an Aboard order book system LP via such a strategy, i.e., take the taker's orders and hedge them on CEXes.

Alpha Strategies

Managers can extract the Alpha by longing one token and short the other token. i.e., extra the $BTC token alpha by longing Bitcoin and shorting a basket of low-cap tokens.

Trend Following Strategies

Use commodity trading strategies to trade large-cap tokens like BTC, LTC, and Ethereum.

Delta-Neutral Strategies

Create Delta-neutral strategies for DEX LPs. Short the token you are LPing for delta-neutral yields.

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