Trade Plus

Trade Plus Guidelines

  1. How to enter TradePlus

Entrance 1: Front Page

Entrance 2: Trade2Earn

  1. Rewards:

  • Aboard Points

  • Hyperliquid TX Fee Rebate: The minimum withdrawal unit is 0.01U.

  1. Leverage Ratio:

  • Most contracts offer a variable leverage ratio ranging from 0 to 20X

  • ETH and BTC: 0 to 50X

  • Ordi: 0 to 10X

  1. Withdrawal is divided into several steps:

  • You must first apply for a withdrawal. Once applied, it cannot be revoked. You can only wait for the pending withdrawal to be completed.

  • Confirmation prompt: The waiting time during the 'Pending' stage is approximately 5 minutes, depending on network speed.

  • When the 'Pending' status changes to 'Withdrawal', proceed to withdraw money.

  • Sign in to your wallet.

  • Amount received in the wallet = Withdrawal Amount - Withdrawn Fee (Fee: 2 USDC)

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