General Info

General API Information

  • The base endpoint for REST API ;{chain} ;
  • The base endpoint for WebSocket API ; wss://{chain}
  • Supported Chains arbitrum


  • Path: /api/v1/account/login
  • Method: POST
  • Description: Get apiKey and apiSecret
  • Body:
Add the following fields to the header:
├─ ABOARD-ADDRESS: String (Mandatory) (Wallet address)
├─ ABOARD-SIGNATURE: String (Mandatory) (Signature with wallet,The signature data are as follows)
Aboard Authentication
{millisecond timestamp}
└─ ABOARD-TIMESTAMP: String (Mandatory) (Millisecond timestamp)
  • Response:
├─ code: Number
├─ msg: String
└─ data: Object
├─ apiKey: String (Temporary apikey)
└─ apiSecret: String (Temporary apisecret)
  • Example:
"code": 0,
"msg": "",
"data": {
"apiKey": "xxxx",
"apiSecret": "xxxx"
Note: apiKey/apiSecret are valid for 4 hours; And each private endpoint request would reset the timer.

Endpoint Verify

All private endpoint (Trades、Account、Websocket Private Information Streams) must verify signature.

ENUM definitions

  • Order status (status): NEW (new order) PARTIALLY_FILLED (partial filled) FILLED (all filled) CANCELED (canceled)
  • Order type (orderTypes, type): LIMIT (limit order) MARKET (market order) STOP (stop loss limit order) STOP_MARKET (stop loss market order) TAKE_PROFIT (stop profit limit order) TAKE_PROFIT_MARKET (stop profit market order) TRAILING_STOP_MARKET (tracking stop loss order, not supported) POST_ONLY (maker only, not supported)
  • Order side (side): BUY SELL
  • Position side (positionSide): NET ( Single position direction ) LONG (under two-way position) SHORT (under two-way position)
  • Time in force (timeInForce): GTC - Good Till Cancel IOC - Immediate or Cancel FOK - Fill or Kill GTX - Good Till Crossing