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The Exchange

1. Aboard's Order Book System

Aboard Exchange utilizes a hybrid order book model, in which the settlement is on-chain and the trading is off-chain. The model allows traders to enjoy the benefits of both worlds: transparent, non-custodial funds and the lighting-fast order book system.

2. Full-Suite of Products

Aboard currently offer more than 25 pairs of perpetual trading pairs, including token and index perpetuals. You can trade all trending token pairs on-chain with deep liquidity.

3 Professional Functions

As a one-stop exchange, Aboard offers a variety of tools. You can swap, cross-chain, and on or off-ramp your fiat/cryptocurrency on Aboard Exchange. We also provide professional trading tools such as paid trading view functions, advanced order types, and a margin health monitor system. The trading experience and functionalities are the same on centralized exchanges.