Start trading on Aboard

Install Web wallet

We currently support using the desktop Firefox or Chrome version of the Metamask wallet and coin98 wallet for interaction with the Aboard Protocol.
Install Metamask here: Install Coin98 wallet here:

Deposit your funds in Aboard

1. connect your wallet

on the top right corner of the page

2. Sign in

3. deposit

Please make sure you have enough ETH on the Arbitrum one network as your gas fee.
Please make sure you have sufficient USDC to deposit. If you dont have enough ETH and USDC on the Arbitrum one network, You can bridge your ETH from here.

4. Deposit successful

Let's Start trading!

1. Select the trading pair that you would like to trade.

2. Place an order

Open a position. Choose Buy to open a long position, and Sell to open a short:
Change your leverage as you want from 1X - 25X
Use whichever order type you want; if you're not sure which one to use, take a look at here.
We are now supporting cross margin. In Cross Margin mode, the entire margin balance is shared across open positions to avoid liquidation. If Cross Margin is enabled, the trader risks losing their entire margin balance along with any open positions in the event of a liquidation.
Enter the amount of leverage you want to use and the size of the position.
You will be able to review your orders on the left after you have placed your order.

3. close your position

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